Friday, August 28, 2009

The Dontonio Wingcast Episode 004

Taped 08.27.09. Episode Length: 46 minutes

Ben Golliver from and Basketball Prospectus's Kevin Pelton are back after a one-week hiatus with episode 4 of their newly-christened The Dontonio Wingcast.


The official naming of the podcast.
Briefly reminiscing about collecting basketball cards.

Segment 1:

LaMarcus Aldridge: where does he stand, what's next and is there a better, younger 4 in the NBA?
The evolution of the Power Forward position: has any position changed more over the last decade than the 4?
When and why do 7 foot 4s fall in love with their jumpers?
How does Blake Griffin fit in? A hybrid between throwback and modern 4s? What about Rashard Lewis? Paul Millsap? David Lee?
How Steve Novak helped Ben win an argument over KP2.

Segment 2:

Inflated scorekeeping: a threat to the sanctity of basketball?
Kevin's experiences keeping score over the years.
Discussing the over-reliance on box scores: How "Groupthink" develops in the post-game locker room hallways and makes its way into game recaps.
Could more advanced box scores be helpful? What would they include?

Segment 3:

A number-crunching post preview: What is the relationship between roster retention and winning percentage? Does winning cause roster retention or does roster retention cause winning?
A look back at 40 years of Blazers rosters: when was there the most turnover? The least? Which 4 Blazers played together the longest? Which 2 players played together the longest?
What makes the last 6 years of Blazers history so remarkable from a winning percentage standpoint? Why is this good news for Kevin Pritchard?

Musical Interludes:

Theme Song: Cam'ron - Sports, Drugs and Entertainment
Ahmad - Back in the Day (remix)
Boom Tho - Internet Dominance
AZ - I'm Back

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